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RCA Audio/Video Universal USB Adapater

Price: $29.99
RCA Audio/Video Universal USB Adapater
RCA Audio/Video Universal USB Adapater
Product Details
Flush Mount USB Marine Compliant Cable

Problem:  You love listening to music, but tired of not being able to connect all your favorite device and you don't want to replace multiple receivers.

Solution: The Clarion CCAUSBAV adapter from Bass Boat Shop

This compact accessory extends the reach of your USB and 3.5' mini-jack devices. 

Item Details:
  • iPhone/iPod audio/video playback
  • 37 inch USB Marine Extension Cable
  • Female USB port on one end and male USB connector on the other end
  • Integrated rubber cap protects the inputs from the elements
  • 3/4 ' nylon nut for flush mount applications
  • USB and 3.5' mini jack compliant
  • 1 Year Warranty