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Marideck MD-102 Solvent Pontoon Boat Flooring Adhesive

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Marideck MD-102 Solvent Pontoon Boat Flooring Adhesive
Marideck MD-102 Solvent Pontoon Boat Flooring Adhesive
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MD-102 Solvent-based marine adhesive is for metal, fiberglass. One gallon will cover about 60 square feet. This is taking in consideration that you will be applying the glue to both surfaces.  Please contact us if you have questions.

 * We are aware that the price is higher on the MD-102 due to the expense of shipping this item.  We have to add special handling for this package due to the chemical makeup of the product which ships hazmat. Please be aware that this product is the right product for your boat esp if you have an aluminum, fiberglass or a combination of wood and fiberglass.


*** Do not use this on our Woven Marine Vinyl Flooring or Teak Vinyl Flooring
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This application is great for Aluminum Floors, Fiberglass Hulls, or even wood decks. 

Aluminum, Fiberglass Surface Application:

Prior to applying the MariDeck® vinyl, inspect the surface of the boat to be covered to make sure all debris, dust, screws, or any foreign objects have been removed. Use a leaf blower or broom at this time to ensure the surface is completely clean.  

Fiberglass surfaces will likely require that the surface be etched using a coarse grade of sandpaper. This will allow for better adhesion. Remove all fiberglass dust prior to applying adhesive

Follow the package removal instructions as listed above.  

In most cases, applications over aluminum or fiberglass require pre-cutting the vinyl into the appropriate shapes and sizes required for the specific area of the boat. Carefully measure the shapes and sizes allowing for appropriate coverage. If a larger surface is to be covered, utilize the same installation method described above using the appropriate adhesive and procedures outlined below.  

MD-102 is very flammable. Keep all adhesives away from children and do not use this product near an open flame or high heat. MD-102 should be installed in a well-ventilated area.  

Once the sizes are cut, apply MD-102 solvent adhesive to the non-woven polyester backside of the vinyl using a paint roller (smaller areas may require the use of a roller). Be careful not to get adhesive on the topside of the vinyl. Removing spilled or excess adhesive is extremely difficult. Then apply a coat of MD-102 adhesive onto the surface to receive the vinyl piece. Again, be careful in the application. Only apply enough adhesive to be covered by the vinyl. Allow the adhesive to set for 10-15 minutes.  

The boat adhesive is ready for application when you can touch the adhesive on the aluminum with your finger and feel only a slight tackiness. If "strings" appear between your finger and the adhesive, allow another 5 minutes to dry and retest. Do not wait longer than 15 minutes to apply the glued vinyl to the glued surface.  

Carefully apply the glued piece of vinyl without wrinkles or air bubbles. MD-102 is a solvent-based contact boat adhesive and will require quick installation. Make certain the vinyl pieces are positioned correctly before applying. After the piece of vinyl is applied, use your hand to smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles while ensuring uniform contact.

Follow the same instructions for subsequent pieces of the vinyl.  

Drying Time

MD-102 adhesive dries very quickly. Allow a minimum 1-hour drying time before installing seating and equipment